is a cross-disciplinary research artist, designer, maker and author. She has been exploring the convergences between art, science, mathematics, and technology for three decades: her hybrid practice uses multiple media in the analog and digital worlds, and covers different scales ranging from land and performance art to computational design and video. Daniela's most recent project is "Healing Geometry", targeted to the wellness industry and based on the 'Movement Infrastructure': a conceptual framework and built modular system, inspiring and guiding human movements to achieve states of mindfulness and relaxation. The 'Movement Infrastructure' was developed within her doctoral research "Form Mind Body Space Time" studying the the geometric form of human movement and cognitive states from an art and neuroscience perspective.

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WORLDMAKING is a laboratory created by Daniela Bertol , where mathematical models are digitally fabricated.

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movement infrastructure presented at:
New York Maker Faire 2016 "Making Moves"